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Welcome to and the Madonna Ultiography Collectors Guide. If you have collected Madonna for some time then you probably already know of me. If not them hi from Kev, collector of Madonna since 1985 (June to be exact) and the beginning of a lifetime obsession with Madonna memorabilia, Madonna promos and Madonna collectables from the UK and the World. Never miss out on new Madonna item for sale: Join the Mailing List and be the first to know! Kev Buy Sell Madonna | @buysellmadonna

Madonna Memorablia & Madonna Collectables For Sale!

I have a great deal of Madonna memorabilia for sale from 32 years of collecting and amassing many duplicates and spares and I will continue to add more items here over time! Everything for sale is official Madonna merchandise and all came from official sources and I do not sell bootlegs or fakes! I have collected Madonna since 1985 and known well and trusted throughout the Madonna community and I always aim to post & ship all items the same day or the very next day!

Newly Added Madonna Items for Sale - Latest Finds for the Madonna Shop

As I find and add new Madonna collectables for sale I will include them within the Newly Added This Month page within the Madonna Shop and mention the rare or interesting items here also. (All Rebel Heart collectables are displayed with the Rebel Heart Items page within the shop.)


Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered LP from B and M Stores November in the UK saw the release of an interesting 8 track live LP called Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered. Comes with Madonna picture sleeve and was sold at the UK discount store B&M. (I have added full details on this within the Madonna Collectables Blog). Likewise I have a couple spare for sale so you can BUY NOW £18


Madonna UK Sainsbury blue vinyl Ray Of Light LP and Like A Virgin clear vinyl LP Friday 13th 2017 saw yet another Sainsbury's Madonna exclusive (matching last year's Friday 14th release) This time the UK got an exclusive Ray Of Light double LP BLUE vinyl and Like A Virgin CLEAR vinyl LP. I only have a couple of sets spare, BUY NOW £69

Mint or Near Mint Vinyl Added Daily

Madonna UK Hung Up promo 12" in picture sleeve I am in the process of adding lots of mint or very close to mint untouched and unplayed vinyl for the Madonna Shop and all has been stored away fron light in resealable sleeves from the the day it was bought new. Items include the rare UK Hung Up promo 12" in stunning promo sleeve and in near mint sleeve and never played Buy Now £125 Keep an eye on the Madonna Shop for all Newly Added Madonna Vinyl.

Chinese Music CD LTD Photo Frame

Madonna Chinese limited edition CD album with photo frame I have just added a rare Factory sealed Music Limited Edition with card Photo Frame CD album. Also comes with mini poster and certificate and even has UNIQUE YELLOW DISC! I have priced this to GO at just £70! View Now.

Latest News on Madonna Collectables from Around

With the USA and EU re-releasing past Madonna vinyl LP albums including the wonderful Sainsbury's vinyl limited to about 2,000 pressings and the beautiful Rhino Records Immaculate Collection LP limited to just 6,500 copies, there really is a huge vinyl BUZZ within the Madonna community. I have moved the very popular REBEL HEART COLLECTABLES GUIDE to it's VERY OWN PAGE. Likewise I often update the Latest Madonna Collectables Blog with comprehensive details on anything featured below.

Sainsbury's Like A Prayer Blue Vinyl and Like A Lirgin Clear Vinyl Limited Edition LPs

Madonna UK Sainsbury clear vinyl Like A Virgin LP and Ray Of Light blue vinyl LP Friday the 13th was certainly not an unlucky day for UK Madonna collector's when we all woke to the news of yet another Sainsbury's LP special release! Like A Virgin Clear and Ray Of Light Blue LPs. Both with special Sainsbury's: "UK Exclusive Limited Editions" stickers and rear barode sticker.

Madonna Immaculate Collection Rhino Records Coloured Vinyl LP for USA & Canada

Madonna Immaculate Collection (USA & Canada) Rhino Records vinyl LP Re-release on coloured vinyl Tuesday 24th January 2017 saw Rhino Records re-release the Immaculate Collection LP vinyl album as part of their January "" promotion; the second year they have ran this promo. The special edition Immaculate Collection LP comes with two beautiful coloured vinyl disc and is limited to just 6,500 pressings worldwide, although it's only technically being sold in the USA and Canada.  (See Blog for full details on EVERY Madonna LP vinyl reissue).

Sainsbury's True Blue, Blue Vinyl and Like A Prayer Red Vinyl Limited Edition LPs

Madonna UK Sainsbury red vinyl Like A prayer LP and True Blue blue vinyl LP Last year was a crazy 19 days from the beginning of the release of the two Sainsbury's Limited Edition LPs on Friday 14th October 2016 to the discontinuation of them on Tuesday November 1st. Two limited edition coloured vinyl LPs complete with orange and white custom Sainsbury's promo stickers, both factory sealed and sold for a very short time only. I would guess at around 2000 pressings manufactured for True Blue and Like A Prayer alike and can only imagine these are set to be the most sought after pressings for a decade!

Record Store Day Madonna Like A Virgin Pink Vinyl 12"

Madonna Pink Vinyl Like A Virgin 12" mini-lp Took me a while to recover from Record Store Day on Saturday 16th April 2016 when I woke at 6am and queued at my local record shop in the cold for the Madonna Pink Vinyl Like A Virgin 12"! Initially limited to 4,500 worldwide, later revived to 11,000 which may have then included the additional US pressed version.

Japan Reissues 6 Mini-LP CD Albums

Madonna 2016 Japanese reissue of 6 mini-LP CD albums Warner Music Japan has reissued six of Madonna's early albums: Madonna, Like A Virgin, True Blue, You Can Dance, Like A Prayer & Immaculate Collection. Each CD is a mini version of the original LP vinyl pressing, complete with card sleeve & OBI, card dust jacket to hold the disc & lyrics booklet. None are remastered editions and all but True blue have yellow discs. True Blue does however come with fold out poster and Like A Prayer includes sticker and AIDS leaflet (See Blog for full details on this reissue).

Japan re-releases Rebel Heart Deluxe CD with Standard Artwork & 4 Video DVD

Japanese standard version of Rebel Heart with music DVD Japan finally re-released the Rebel Heart 20-track Deluxe CD album with BONUS REMIX but used the artwork otherwise used ONLY for the Standard version. This also comes with totally unique 4 video music DVD with Living For Love, Ghosttown and 2 BIM videos. (See Blog for full details on this reissue).

News on Madonna MDNA SKIN Cosmetics and Rejuvenator Sets

February 19th 2016 seems to have been the launch date for a new cosmetic brand by Madonna called NDNA SKIN. Currently this is only available in Japan and Hiong Kong. As information appears on MDNA SKIN I will add everythingh I find out below and more importantly I will add ALL information to the Latest Madonna Collectables Blog!


Madonna NDNA SKIN Hong Kong February 19th saw a full cover advertisement in Hong Kong in the form of a fold out double sided poster! Japan has also launched the MDNA SKIN campaign with posters advertising the brand circulating right now.

MDNA SKIN Store Displays

I wanted to share these wonderful pictures of the MDNA SKIN cosmetics & displays from Hong Kong Pacific Place mall, and thank you to Eugene Moskvin for sharing these with me (and you all).

I Buy Rare & Promo Madonna Memorabilia - Unwanted Madonna Collections Bought

If you have any interesting Madonna memorabilia for sale from your own country feel free to contact me as I do buy too! I am interested in anything interesting or RARE plus all PROMO items, plus most official limited edition releases. Especially interested in anything Madonna from the early 1980's and 1990's.

I'll Buy Your Unwanted Madonna Collection - Sell Your Unwanted Madonna Collectables

If you have a whole Madonna collection to sell why not contact me as I am always looking to buy unwanted Madonna collections and always happy to make you an offer on most collectable Madonna items for sale.


I am especially looking for unwanted Madonna vinyl from the UK, USA, Japan and elsewhere. Can buy most Madonna LP vinyl along with 7" and 12" singles.

Worked as a Warner Rep and Now Have Unwanted Madonna Promos

Happy to purchase any unwanted Madonna promotional music and memorabilia from while Madonna was at Warners, and also from Universal as well.

Worldwide Madonna Discography of Madonna Singles, Albums, Promos & LTDs

I have compiled a huge world wide discography of pretty much every known official Madonna pressing since 1982 and I will be adding this here soon! This will commence with an almost complete UK discography featuring 844 pressings including 312 promos & test pressings and 89 limited editions. I have also completed discographies for USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uraguay, Peru, Venezuela and more....

Complete UK Discography Coming Very Soon!

I am finishing a huge UK discography featuring every single and album released in the UK. I have included relevant details to identify each item along with details on sleeve stickers, type of case, cover artwork etc. One line per item is all thats needed! I will add the first discography shortly.

Madonna Cover Magazines From Around the World

As well as collecting Madonna music and memorabila (items and information alike) I also love Madonna cover magazines and magazines from the UK and around the world with Madonna on the cover. I want to get a listing of known worldwide Madonna cover magazines added to the site soon starting with 228 uk Madonna cover magazines! (Are you a collector of Madonna cover magazines from your country and have information you would be happy to share with me? If so please let me know.)

Madonna Ultiography Worldwide Madonna Collectors Guide

I first wrote the Madonna Ultiography Collectors Guide back on 1990 and have published many guides online in the past and I will be adding these here soon!