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On June 6th the Madonna Universal Music Store featured a UK Exclusive TRANSPARENT BLUE Cassette album of Madame X. This accompanies the Glitter Deluxe and Deluxe cassette albums along with various bundles incorporating the black vinyl LP, Rainbow Picture Disc LP and CD versions of the album.

It's not clear how many Blue transparent Cassette albums are available or for how long, but in my experience once supplies have gone Universal simply remove the item from their website! Then prices will no doubt rocket for such a cool little item.

    This brings the total Madonna Madame X cassette album variations to four:
  • Deluxe Cassete
  • Deluxe Glitter Cassette
  • Deluxe Blue Cassette
  • Standard Cassette (boxset only)

If you live in the UK then you can use the Madonna Universal Music Store to buy all cassettes including the Exclusive Blue. Outside the UK all but the blue can be bought from Madonna Website and other online stores including FNAC.

Image used courtesy of Universal Music Store.

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This appears to be USA Madonna Madame X Vinyl LP with 'red lipstick' front sleeve artwork and amazing 'type writer' rear artwork; a week before release day! This apparently has USA: B0030045-01 catalogue number. This will be accompanied be a matching EU pressing. One week from the albums release and we are being tantalised with picture of the up and coming pressings. Thanks to the guys at Madonna Discography for sharing this with everyone.

The rear sleeve does seem to show a "Made In Canada" sticker so it is also possible that this is in fact Canadian?

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On Friday 17th May The Sound Of Vinyl website in the United States pre-sold the Madonna, Madame X LP in limited edition Translucent Blue Vinyl format (602577697197) as an exclusive to their store. It was advertised as limited to 1000 copies available; all of which sold out almost immediately!

The Translucent Blue Vinyl exclusive LP was pictured on their website with the same artwork as the black vinyl & clear vinyl so is most likely going to be same Standard Version with gatefold sleeve!

As of writing this article prices for this $38 Translucent Blue Vinyl Madame X LP are currently trending at about $300 and prob set to rise even higher, other stores also starts selling the same pressing as 'an exclusive to them'; which I personally feel is very possible!

There has been some speculation that Translucent Blue Vinyl LP is in fact the same pressing as the previous pre-order (halted) Rainbow Picture Disc LP. However they both have different catalogue numbers and the Picture Disc was always advertised as Deluxe Version, not standard.

FNAC Spain LTD "2 Vinilos color" LP

Finally. To add to the confusion, FNAC in Spain are advertising "Madame X - Ed Limitada - 2 Vinilos color". Even with my basic Spanish language skills it looks like its being pre-sold as: two-colour vinyl, which may indicate it is the same pressing sold in the USA although the catalogue number is shown as: 0602577582837, which indicates it's the same as the RAINBOW PICTURE DISC! Yet the previous pre-order Rainbow Picture Disc from FNAC in France was supposed to have been cancelled! This same 'rainbow' pressing also appears to be available via the German Amazon website!

Picture used courtesy of Sound Of Vinyl website.

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Universal Music Poland appears to have joined France and manufactured a 2-track promo CD-r for it's radio stations there.

The Polish Madonna Medellin promo CD-r comes housed in a clear PVC sleeve and includes a printed insert with Madame X album information along with song information from the album (Dark Ballet & I Rise). It includes: Radio Edit 4:13 & Album Version 4:58, however, the Radio Edit appears to be 22 seconds longer than the version featured on the French promo, but im not entirely sure whether this is the case, or it's a typo?

I must thank to the Kamil and guys at for first bringing this to our attention.

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Polydor in France has allegedly pressed as little as 40 copies, but probably as more likely to be nearer 200, of Madonna's new single Medellin on CD-r promo format; which seems strange in an age where music is transferred digitally and most commercial DJs and radio stations probably don't even own a CD player! However, this is apparently completely authentic, as Madonna expert Renan Cornetteau explained online, and does continue the tradition of French-made Madonna promo CDs. THIS IS CERTAIN TO BECOME AN ALL TIME RARITY!

The Madonna Medellin French promo CD-r includes two tracks: Radio Edit (3'51) & Album Version (4'58), and comes in card slip case with full front cover graphic and Madonna Maluma titled back cover.

I would like to thank Renan Cornetteau from Illogicall Music in Paris for allowing me to use his image of such a rare item and thank you to Frederic Marck for your help and info.

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Madonna Madame X Album Pre-Order Latest Info on all Pressings So Far, LP, CD, Cassette & Boxset at

Madonna Madame X Album Pre-Order Latest Info on all Pressings So Far, LP, CD, Cassette & Boxset

Wednesday 17th April 2019, was the world Premier of Medellin, Madonna's first single from her 14th studio album, Madame X. The album will to be released on Friday June 14th and pre-orders available from 17th April. Rumoured artwork for both the standard and deluxe versions of the Medellin album appeared online on the 16th April, causing mixed options amongst the Madonna Fan/Collecting community.

Also on the Madonna Medellin release day, the Madame X album formats were premiered and available to pre-order; all will be available from June 14th.

    13 Madonna Madame X Album Physical Formats so far:
  • CD album Standard Edition (single disc, jewel case, 13 tracks)
  • CD album Standard Japanese SHM-CD (single disc, jewel case, 13 tracks)
  • CD album Deluxe Edition (double disc, hardcover, 18? tracks)
  • CD album Deluxe Edition Japanese SHM-CD (double disc, hardcover, 18? tracks)
  • CD album Standard Edition w/ bonus tracks FNAC Exclusive (15 tracks)
  • CD album Standard Edition w/ bonus tracks HMV Exclusive (15 tracks)
  • CD album Standard Edition w/ bonus tracks Target Exclusive (15 tracks)
  • Vinyl LP Standard? Black Vinyl (double disc) (602577582776)
  • Vinyl LP Deluxe Rainbow Picture Disc (double disc) (602577582837)
  • Vinyl LP Standard/Deluxe? Clear Vinyl (double disc) ( (602577692277)
  • Vinyl LP Standard/Deluxe? Translucent Blue Vinyl (double disc) ( (602577697197)
  • Cassette K7 Deluxe edition
  • Deluxe Boxset (Deluxe CD with Hardcover, Standard Cassette album, 7" Picture Disc, Poster & Tatoo Set)

Standard, Deluxe Download/Exclusive & Hard Cover Deluxe Versions of Madame X Album

The Madame X album comes in three versions: Standard with 13 tracks; Deluxe version with 2 extra tracks: Extreme Occident & Looking For Mercy; and Deluxe with 18 tracks! The Standard comes in a variety of formats. The Deluxe generally seems to be available as a digital download only, or pressed as an Exclusive CD. It's also looking like the Deluxe version will also come with 18 tracks for the Hard Cover CD only, so is technically more like a Super-Deluxe.

Madonna Madame X Physical Formats Include LP, CD, Cassette & Boxset!

Three main formats will be available: Vinyl LP, CD & Cassette. All three appear to come in both Standard (red lipstick artwork) and Deluxe (bandana artwork or guitar-neck artwork) versions, although it looks like the Standard Cassette will only be available as part of a Deluxe Boxset! The boxset also comes with a exclusive 7" picture disc!

Likewise, it appears that the black vinyl will be the Standard version and the Deluxe will come in Picture Disc format when it's finally confirmed for sale. There is also a Clear Vinyl LP available exclusively through website, although it's not entirely clear whether this will be the Standard or Deluxe version?

Madonna Madame X Rainbow Picture Disc

There seems to still be conflicting information on the possibility of a Rainbow Picture Disc Madame X LP. This initially appeared on the FNAC website, then later on, but I am not totally sure when this is is meant to being released. It is most likely meant to coincide with the Pride! The Rainbow picture disc is without a doubt the most talking about pressing so far and one that's the most anticipated from all those mentioned here! Madame X Exclusives

There are other 'bundles' available exclusively on website incorporating the Clear Vinyl along with Lithograph, Sweat Tops, etc.

FNAC Exclusive Madame X CD album

There is also an FNAC exclusive Standard CD album (red lipstick artwork?) which appears to include the 2 extra tracks usually found on the Digital Deluxe version. This can be ordered from pretty much anywhere and delivered using their website.

HMV Exclusive Madame X CD album

There is also an HMV exclusive Standard CD album which appears to include the 2 extra tracks so most likely the same edition as FNAC are selling. This is available to pre-order now within the UK! You can't get this online, only by walking into a HMV store. It's on their computer system as a standard CD with bonus tracks.

Target Exclusive Madame X CD album

There is also a exclusive Standard CD album (bandana artwork?) which appears to include the 2 extra tracks so most likely the same edition as FNAC & HMV are selling. This can be ordered online via their website and delivered within USA, Canada & Mexico

Japanese Madame X CD album on SHM-CD Format

Japan is issuing Standard and Deluxe Hard Cover versions of the CD album in SHM-CD format. This is a format that is more common in Japan and used instead of regular CD format. Looks identical to CD format but higher quality music!


Don't worry you are not alone. Artwork used and track listings shown right now are conflicting and it's not entirely clear for example, what artwork the Deluxe editions will have, or whether the Deluxe Cassette has different artwork to other Deluxe formats. All will become clear soon :-)

Does seem like the Standard will have 13 tracks and bandana artwork. It's possible that the Standard Exclusive (CD) will have 15 tracks and either Red Lipstick artwork or some are showing it with Guitar-Neck artwork? Not entirely sure whether it will be on one disc. The Deluxe 2-CD with hard cover does seem to be using the Guitar-Neck artwork and has the 15 track CD plus additional CD with 3 tracks.

Where To Buy Madonna Madame X Album Pre-order

As far as I am aware all formats other than the FNAC Exclusive CD and the Clear Vinyl sold exclusively on the website, will be made available for sale in the UK, Europe & other countries importing the EU-made pressings. JB Hifi appear to be selling pre-orders of all the non-exclusive pressings in Australia. In the UK, Amazon have started selling the box set and should hopefully list the rest shortly. FNAC has all the non-exclusives listed on their website and they ship globally! America & global is currently serviced by website but no doubt Amazon will follow soon. USA, Canada & Meico can also use Target.

EU, USA & Japanese Pressings So Far

Worth also mentioning that there will be EU-manufactured pressings as well as those made in the USA & Japan. Not to mention the possibility of pressings made in S E Asia, Australia, Central America to name a few!

    EU catalog numbers:
  • Standard CD - 0602577582714
  • Standard LP - 0602577582776
  • Deluxe Boxset - 0602577619922
  • Deluxe CD 0602577620416

Madonna Madame X Album Track Listing

    Standard Track Listing:
  1. Medellin with Maluma
  2. Dark Ballet
  3. God Control
  4. Future ft. Quavo
  5. Batuka
  6. Killers Who Are Partying
  7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
  8. Crazy
  9. Come Alive
  10. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
  11. Bitch I'm Loca ft. Maluma
  12. I Don't Search I Find
  13. I Rise

    Deluxe Track Listing:
  1. Medellin with Maluma
  2. Dark Ballet
  3. God Control
  4. Future ft. Quavo
  5. Batuka
  6. Killers Who Are Partying
  7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
  8. Crazy
  9. Come Alive
  10. Extreme Occident
  11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
  12. Bitch I'm Loca ft. Maluma
  13. I Don't Search I Find
  14. Looking For Mercy
  15. I Rise

Importantly: Can you can add any new info? Send me a message on Facebook Thanks to Bibo Laxiu for your continued input and to Adrian O'Farrell for your messages & help sorting the formats :-)

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Madonna The Immaculate Collection USA Barnes & Noble Exclusive 2018 LP Reissue  at

Madonna The Immaculate Collection USA Barnes & Noble Exclusive 2018 LP Reissue

Barnes & Noble department store in the USA surprised the Madonna community on Saturday 14th July 2018 with their own special edition of the recently reissued The Immaculate Collection double LP vinyl. This was completely out of the blue and most of the 600+ stores only carried one or two copies of the LP. Their website did however also stock the exclusive LP although by mid week (17th July) all stock seems to have completely sold out! I would guess at around 1,500 LPs sold direct in store with maybe the same sold online. So this is set to become a very collectable and sought after item!

The first that was known of the B&N TIC was when images started appearing on social media of a sealed LP with special B&N hype sticker on the front. This was part of their weekend LP vinyl campaign and involved Warner’s Rhino Records.

Initially there was much excitement at the possibility of another USA coloured vinyl Madonna LP or maybe a second pressing of the same USA 2017 coloured vinyl reissue. This was later quashed when it was confirmed that the B&N special edition was maybe not quite as special as their hype sticker lead us to believe.

Despite the LP actually being an imported EU pressing, basically the same as the one that came out in June with "603497859434" catalogue number, the packaging, namely the gatefold picture sleeve has been altered slightly for the B&N campaign making it a bit more sought after than had it just been a straight forward import.

The spine of the B&N reissue LP sleeve has the USA-style: "RB1-26440" catalogue number added, replacing the original EU long catalogue number. The previous 2017 USA coloured vinyl reissue Immaculate Collection LP had "R1-26440" catalogue number (with just: "26440-1" on the labels), so I guess it was natural to adopt an "RB1" prefix to ensure it was unique. Likewise the original EU barcode printed on the rear sleeve has been hidden with the use of an additional barcode sticker stuck over it and the shrink wrap; it clearly shows the newer B&N barcode catalogue number: "8 1227 93056 1". Image of all three recent LP reissue showing the spine catalogue numbers

I wanted to mention that the "RB1-26440" short catalogue number adopted by the B&N pressing on the spine was already the catalogue number displayed prominently on the labels of the 2018 EU reissue; the longer catalogue number is printed within the edge perimeter wording along with EU Manufacture. The labels and discs used for the B&N pressing are exactly the same as those used for the previous EU reissues and simply exported for use in the USA. (See previous blog entries on the USA 2017 & 2018 EU reissue TIC LPs for more details)

Finally the packaging for the B&N LP is made from slightly thinner card than use for 2018 EU repressing and the legal credits at the bottom of the rear sleeve have been altered for USA sale and omit the original EU manufacture; they don't show any manufacture at all! Image of all three sleeves; the lower sleeve is the B&N edition

    List of all recent Madonna The Immaculate Collection Reissue LPs to collect
  • USA 2017 coloured vinyl LP with hype sticker
  • EU 2018 black vinyl LP with hype sticker
  • USA-sold B&N 2018 black vinyl LP with B&N sticker

Thanks to Riley York for showing some lovely pictures of this pressing which I have shown above. Thanks also to ??? for your images of the three Immaculate Collection spine image and similar image for the rear sleeve credits.

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Madonna Like A Virgin 2018 Exclusive White Vinyl LP EU & USA Reissue  at

Madonna Like A Virgin 2018 Exclusive White Vinyl LP EU & USA Reissue

Friday 6th July 2018 saw the UK (& European) release of the Madonna Like A Virgin Exclusive White Vinyl LP Reissue. The USA has also had this but they did it approximately a week earlier. This 'third' Like A Virgin LP reissue since 2012 was intended as a global reissue by Warner Bros Rhino Records to reboot interest in the album as part of their "Back To The 80s" summer LP reissue campaign featuring other Warner Bros' albums and artists.

Once again the Like A Virgin LP has undergone another EU reissue; the first was back in 2012 on black vinyl, with the second being 2017 using clear vinyl and this time it's come in the form of a stunning white vinyl reissue.

Exclusive White Vinyl Hype Sticker & Upside-Down Rear Sleeve

Unlike the first two EU reissues (2012 & 2017), the 2018 Like A Virgin "Exclusive White Vinyl" LP, as the hype sticker states, has reverted back to the traditional European 'upside down' rear sleeve as featured on the original 1984 & 1985 pressings! The print quality in general for the picture sleeve is also better on the latest EU reissue.

As previously mentioned, the latest reissue comes with stunning circular pale-blue hype sticker, although the USA version came with an additional "Back To The 80s" silver sticker!

Brand New Catalogue Numbers

The white vinyl Like A Virgin also comes with a completely new set of printed catalogue numbers: "6 03497 86073 9", on the sleeve, spine and label perimetre text. The two previous EU reissues shared the same "8122-79735-9" printed catalogue number on the sleeve and labels, with the clear vinyl having a replacement barcode sticker with "0 081227 932312" catalogue number, stuck over the printed one on the rear sleeve under the shrink wrap. A common practice with reissue special editions!

Along with brand new catalogue numbers the labels have also changed slightly and the perimetre text shorter, although the basic label layout and design is mostly the same! However, the labels do also carry the shorter USA-style "RCV1-25157" catalogue number displayed right above the 'record side' number. It's worth mentioning that the numbers from the 'shorter' catalogue number matches the original Like A Virgin LP without Into The Groove! Which this reissue also omits!

Still No Into The Groove

It's strange that all reissues of Like A Virgin LP so far have never included the smash hit Into The Groove, which was added to the album before it being reissued in 1985 with the extra track and new set of catalogue numbers! Maybe this is also why The First Album has never had a reissue yet, instead Warners have only reissued the original Madonna LP!

Initially a total of 10,900 white vinyl LPs had been pressed with approximately 4,500 diverted to the USA for sale; the rest distributed globally. These have all been pressed at the German Alsdorf pressing plant but carry the generic EU manufacture. Only one pressing of the album was initially planned with no further pressings being manufactured, but I am not sure now whether this is still the situation. As of beginning of July 2018, the black vinyl 2012 reissue has been put on hold meaning that stores can only purchase the white vinyl edition, but It's too early to know whether the white will be deleted and discontinued in favour the black vinyl.

USA Like A Virgin Exclusive White Vinyl

America imported pressings from Germany so are technically the same as the ones sold in the EU and elsewhere, but there are differences to the packaging and an additional square silver "Back To The 80's Rhino" 'hype' sticker was added; this has tiny catalogue number on it: "3.6 RS80S.K.1"!

The USA-sold picture sleeve had the shorter USA-style "RCV1-25157" catalogue number on the spine and on the circular hype sticker, replacing the EU longer number; the rear sleeve barcode number did however stay unchanged! Worth also mentioning that the credits at the very bottom of the rear sleeve omitted reference to EU manufacture yet likewise did NOT display USA manufacture! Possibly because the sleeve was printed in the EU also.

As with the previous 2018 reissue Madonna LPs, the labels for the EU and USA were identical with all pressings displaying EU manufacture and long catalogue number within the labels tiny perimetre credits, yet displaying the shorter USA-style catalogue number above the record 'side' number in large text.

    List of all 6 Like A Virgin Reissue LPs to collect
  • EU 2012 black vinyl LP
  • USA 2016 black vinyl LP with hype sticker
  • UK 2017 Sainsbury's Clear Vinyl LP with Sainsbury's hype sticker
  • EU 2018 Clear Vinyl LP (same pressing as above)
  • EU 2018 White Vinyl LP with hype sticker
  • USA-sold 2018 White Vinyl LP with additional hype sticker

Thanks for Alex Widger for the images of the discs and inserts & also Antoni Tr for the images of the USA edition. Plus Richard Aguilar Glupker for your superb image of BTT 80's sticker.

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Madonna Record Store Day 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP & The First Album Japanese Picture Disc at

Madonna Record Store Day 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP & The First Album Japanese Picture Disc

Record Store Day, 21st April 2018 (RSD2018) produced two Madonna LP vinyl reissues, once again originating from the mid 1980's. Madonna, The First Album Japanese Picture Disc LP with four sided folded card lyrics insert and heart shaped sticker & You Can Dance German LP with giant sized poster inside and outer OBI along with special hype sticker; pressed exclusively on red vinyl. You Can Dance came factory sealed with additional generic 'RSD Exclusive' silver sticker while the picture disc came in clear sleeve, sealed only at the top with a small circular sticker. Inside it has plain pink card backing sheet and fold out insert with lyrics on the rear.

Exclusive Madonna RSD 2018 Pressings

Both Madonna Record Store Day 2018 pressings were RSD exclusive releases and neither will be repressed again making them both instantly collectable and highly sought after, although the rather large quantities will keep prices affordable. The First Album Japanese Picture Disc is limited to 14,000 pressings worldwide while You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP with Poster is limited to 12,000 pressings, as it's sticker clearly states.

All Madonna RSD 2018 Pressings Made in The EU!

Interestingly, this year the same EU-manufactured pressings (made by Optimal Media GmbH Germany) were used throughout the world including America; unlike previous years' pressings where the USA had produced it's own, whilst the rest of the world generally sold those manufactured in the EU.

You Can Dance EU & USA Catalogue Numbers

Whilst the First Album Picture Disc was totally identical throughout the world with all pressings carrying the longer EU catalogue number: 603497862238 on all but the sticker which displayed the shorter catalogue number: R1 15002. The EU-made RSD 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP was altered for sale in the USA in order for it to include the more standard American catalogue number staring R1: R1 565848. This replaced the EU 'longer' catalogue number: 603497862245; on the sleeve hype sticker, sleeve spine and under barcode on the rear of the sleeve. However, all labels were manufactured with the shorted R1 catalogue number: R1 565848; however the tiny credits around the edge of the label does however clearly state EU manufacture and include the longer catalogue number! The rear sleeve omits the EU manufacture and instead shows no country origins at all; not even USA!

Worth mentioning that of the 12,000 You Can dance Red Vinyl pressings manufactured, the USA was allocated 4,350 with the rest used throughout the world. Of the 14,000 The First Album Picture Disc pressings manufactured the USA was allocated 5,300.

In case you are new to Madonna & Record Store Day, last years event, RSD 2017 produced a superb Madonna Dance Mix 12", a remake of the original Argentine 4-track maxi-single, limited to 8,00 as the sticker states, which I would assume is the grand total globally; the previous year, RSD2016, saw the very first ever Madonna RSD pressing rumoured to be as little as 4,500 globally, but did appear to be more like 4,500 (EU) & 6,500 (USA) manufactured; this was a remake of the Japanese Like A Virgin & Other Great Hits 4-mix maxi 12" vinyl.

    List of all 7 variations of the Madonna Record Store Day Vinyl Exclusives
  • Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits Maxi 12" RSD 2016 EU
  • Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits Maxi 12" RSD 2016 USA
  • Madonna Dance Mix Maxi 12" RSD 2017 EU
  • Madonna Dance Mix Maxi 12" RSD 2017 USA
  • Madonna The First Album LP Picture Disc RSD 2018
  • You Can Dance LP Red Vinyl & Poster RSD 2018 EU
  • You Can Dance LP Red Vinyl & Poster RSD 2018 USA-sold

I have written extensive guides on all previous Record Store Day pressings, plus Madonna collector's guides on the Sainsbury's editions, along with all EU and USA reissue Madonna LPs. Just scroll through the blog entries and you will find them.

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The Immaculate Collection 2018 EU Reissue Double Black Vinyl LP at

The Immaculate Collection 2018 EU Reissue Double Black Vinyl LP

The black vinyl reissue of Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection LP (6 0349785934 4) was officially released through Warners’ Rhino Records on Friday June 1st 2018 in the EU and around the world. This is set to be the first of the three Madonna reissue LPs to be released throughout June and July.

I wanted to mention that The Immaculate Collection was however previously reissued in January 2017 but was for sale in the USA only and only as a coloured vinyl limited edition of approximately 6000. The black vinyl is however available globally and has an initial pressing of approximately 9600 units!

The Immaculate collection EU reissue has been pressed at the Alsdorf pressing plant in Germany for distribution throughout the world and all pressings will carry the same ‘EU’ manufacture no matter where sold.

The EU Immaculate Collection comes factory sealed with square hype sticker which looks similar to those used previously on the EU Bedtime Stories reissue and much of the USA LP reissues. Interestingly the EU sticker has been altered to include the singles: "Like A Prayer" and "Material Girl" below "Vogue" this replaces "Justify My Love" and "Rescue Me". Both of which were advertised on all originals as well as the 2017 USA 'Rhino' reissue.

Similarly, where the USA sticker advertised: "2-LP BLUE/GOLD COLORED VINYL" the EU sticker simply states "DOUBLE VINYL". Likewise, the EU sticker displays the now traditional ‘longer’ catalogue number (USA used: R1 26440).

Interestingly, while the EU pressing has the longer ‘6 0349785934 4’ catalogue number printed on the spine and barcode as you would expect. It’s only printed in tiny text around the edge of each label (along with visible EU manufacture which is also printed on the rear sleeve), with the labels predominantly showing the shorter (RB1-26440) catalogue number, usually associated with the USA reissue labels only. This was also the same for the previously released You can Dance EU RSD 2018 reissue LP and may have now been adopted permanently in order to allow the same discs to be exported from the EU and sold/used in the USA without the need for alternative labels for the USA.

Worth Also mentioning that the inner ‘dust jackets’ (or inner sleeves as some of us like to call them) are manufactured from very thick card and give a quality feel to the vinyl! Although many collectors and fans alike have shown dissatisfaction with the overall quaintly of the artwork used! But this does seem to be the case for all Madonna EU LP reissues and may be down to the possibility that all LP artwork was indeed destroyed when vinyl initially became extinct and the ‘people’ at Warners felt it was pointless keeping the original LP artwork any longer.

This pressing was never sold in the USA as an import so was never altered for the US market. However, shortly after this was released in the EU there was an American Barnes & Noble Exclusive Reissue LP which did come with altered sleeve. (For full details see my blog entry on this pressing.)

Who's That Girl and Like A Virgin White Vinyl LP Reissues on way soon!

June and July 2018 are set be busy months for Madonna collectors and fans alike with Rhino releasing a further three Madonna reissue LP vinyl pressings for sale around the world. All will originate from the Alsdorf pressing plant in Germany but packaging may be altered for sale in the USA.

June 29th 2018 should be the release date of the EU reissue of the 1987 movie soundtrack album, Who’s That Gil (0 60349786051 7), which includes four Madonna tracks: Who’s That Girl, Causing A Commotion, The Look Of Love and Can’t Stop. This will be black vinyl and available globally with approximately 6,200 units pressed.

The final Madonna reissue LP and by far the most sough after will be yet another reissue of Like A Virgin album and due for release on July 3rd; this time pressed on white vinyl rather than clear as used for the previously for the October 2017 Sainsburys reissue. Like A Virgin LP (0 60349786073 9) will be issued as part of the "Back To 80s" Rhino/Warners Campaign with approximately 10,900 units initially made. It will be sold globally and pressed specifically to allow fans another chance to buy the album on an alternative colour to the usual black vinyl.

All countries including the USA will sell the same EU made pressings (originating from the Alsdorf pressing plant in Germany, although other EU plants may also press them?). It’s not known yet as to whether the USA will have slightly different packaging/sticker to the rest of the world, but it is highly likely.

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