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I will try and list as many of the latest Madonna collectables to surface around the world as they appear or I hear about them. Likewise if I come across anything that is new to me I will mention that here also. Remember to check out the Madonna Shop & Latest Items and why not Join the Mailing List and find out first!

Latest Madonna Collectables to Surface Worldwide

Madonna Record Store Day 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP & The First Album Japanese Picture Disc at

Madonna Record Store Day 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP & The First Album Japanese Picture Disc

Record Store Day, 21st April 2018 (RSD2018) produced two Madonna LP vinyl reissues, once again originating from the mid 1980's. Madonna, The First Album Japanese Picture Disc LP with four sided folded card lyrics insert and heart shaped sticker & You Can Dance German LP with giant sized poster inside and outer OBI along with special hype sticker; pressed exclusively on red vinyl. You Can Dance came factory sealed with additional generic 'RSD Exclusive' silver sticker while the picture disc came in clear sleeve, sealed only at the top with a small circular sticker. Inside it has plain pink card backing sheet and fold out insert with lyrics on the rear.

Exclusive Madonna RSD 2018 Pressings

Both Madonna Record Store Day 2018 pressings were RSD exclusive releases and neither will be repressed again making them both instantly collectable and highly sought after, although the rather large quantities will keep prices affordable. The First Album Japanese Picture Disc is limited to 14,000 pressings worldwide while You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP with Poster is limited to 12,000 pressings, as it's sticker clearly states.

All Madonna RSD 2018 Pressings Made in The EU!

Interestingly, this year the same EU-manufactured pressings (made by Optimal Media GmbH Germany) were used throughout the world including America; unlike previous years' pressings where the USA had produced it's own, whilst the rest of the world generally sold those manufactured in the EU.

You Can Dance EU & USA Catalogue Numbers

Whilst the First Album Picture Disc was totally identical throughout the world with all pressings carrying the longer EU catalogue number: 603497862238 on all but the sticker which displayed the shorter catalogue number: R1 15002. The EU-made RSD 2018 You Can Dance Red Vinyl LP was altered for sale in the USA in order for it to include the more standard American catalogue number staring R1: R1 565848. This replaced the EU 'longer' catalogue number: 603497862245; on the sleeve hype sticker, sleeve spine and under barcode on the rear of the sleeve. However, all labels were manufactured with the shorted R1 catalogue number: R1 565848; however the tiny credits around the edge of the label does however clearly state EU manufacture and include the longer catalogue number! The rear sleeve omits the EU manufacture and instead shows no country origins at all; not even USA!

Worth mentioning that of the 12,000 You Can dance Red Vinyl pressings manufactured, the USA was allocated 4,350 with the rest used throughout the world. Of the 14,000 The First Album Picture Disc pressings manufactured the USA was allocated 5,300.

In case you are new to Madonna & Record Store Day, last years event, RSD 2017 produced a superb Madonna Dance Mix 12", a remake of the original Argentine 4-track maxi-single, limited to 8,00 as the sticker states, which I would assume is the grand total globally; the previous year, RSD2016, saw the very first ever Madonna RSD pressing rumoured to be as little as 4,500 globally, but did appear to be more like 4,500 (EU) & 6,500 (USA) manufactured; this was a remake of the Japanese Like A Virgin & Other Great Hits 4-mix maxi 12" vinyl.

    List of all 7 variations of the Madonna Record Store Day Vinyl Exclusives
  • Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits Maxi 12" RSD 2016 EU
  • Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits Maxi 12" RSD 2016 USA
  • Madonna Dance Mix Maxi 12" RSD 2017 EU
  • Madonna Dance Mix Maxi 12" RSD 2017 USA
  • Madonna The First Album LP Picture Disc RSD 2018
  • You Can Dance LP Red Vinyl & Poster RSD 2018 EU
  • You Can Dance LP Red Vinyl & Poster RSD 2018 USA-sold

I have written extensive guides on all previous Record Store Day pressings, plus Madonna collector's guides on the Sainsbury's editions, along with all EU and USA reissue Madonna LPs. Just scroll through the blog entries and you will find them.

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Madonna Sainsbury's Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Ray Of light and Clear Vinyl Like A Virgin LPs at

Madonna Sainsbury's Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Ray Of light and Clear Vinyl Like A Virgin LPs

Sainsbury's October Friday the 13th vinyl LP special editions for two more classic Madonna albums, Ray Of Light Blue Vinyl (0 081227 932329) and Like A Virgin Clear Vinyl (0 081227 932312) certainly didn't disappoint!

The latest releases was exactly one year after Sainsbury's first ever pair of Madonna special editions, True BLue (blue vinyl) and Like A Prayer (red vinyl), which appeared as if by magic on Friday 14th October 2016 and, once again, the two latest Sainsbury's LP special editions coupled two coloured vinyl pressings, both of which became instant collectables for Madonna fans and collectors alike.

I first heard about the possibility of another Sainsbury's release in August and while there was no indication as to whom 3000 copied of each LP had been commissioned by, I was hopeful it would be a second Saisnbury's release and had to wait patiently under strict orders to keep my mouth firmly shut! Which I reluctantly did!

Interestingly, unlike last year, where both Like A Prayer and True Blue had previously had a recent "EU Made" re-release on black vinyl, only Like A Virgin from this years release had! (The only other EU re-released albums on LP being Madonna, Something To Remember (Rhino), Bedtime Stories and Erotica. All of which carry EU Manufacture rather than traditional German!

Ray Of Light however has never had an EU reissue to date; the last reissue being the 180g German-origin double black vinyl LP in 2003, five years after the album was originally released!

Ray Of Light - German Made Origins

What's really interesting is that Ray Of Light Blue Vinyl Sainsbury's LP was basically a reproduction of the 2003 German made black vinyl reissue, complete with near identical sleeve build and artwork along with equally similar 'original' labels and original catalogue number (9362-46847-1)! Luckily the blue vinyl makes the 2017 re-release instantly obvious. Worth also mentioning that the labels on Record 2 Side 1 has a typo for track 1, incorrectly titled: "TO HAVE AND NOT TO HAVE". Should be "To Have And Not Too Hold".

Like A Virgin Clear Vinyl LP re-release sleeve and labels carry the newer EU-manufacture and catalogue numbers as per the norm. Interestingly the album omits Into The Groove on the B-side, so is basically a re-release of the original LP.

Barcode Stickers and "UK exclusive" Hype Sticker

As per usual with special editions, Ray Of Light Sainsbury's Blue Vinyl LP has a barcoded sticker covering the printed barcode on the rear of the sleeve with new barcode/catalogue number: 0 081227 932329; not otherwise printed anywhere on the pressing itself instead carrying: 9362-46847-1. Likewise Like A Virgin Sainsbury's Clear Vinyl LP has: 0 081227 932312 barcoded sticker on the rear of the sleeve; the labels display the 'original' re-release catalogue number: 8122-79735-9. Both albums came factory sealed with traditional Sainsbury's hype sticker, although this time they worded the sticker "UK exclusive limited edition", possibly yo cover themselves for any possible future commissions of these albums by other retailers outside the UK. Although as yet there is no indication that such a commission has been undertaken by Warners.

Boxed Edge Super Thick Sleeve on Ray Of Light

Both LPs this year appear to have been better constructed and less easily creased, or maybe it's simply because factory workers, grocery staff and customers are handling them nicer? Ray Of Light has lovely thick boxed edge sleeve which certainly makes the double LP less susceptible to sleeve damage instore. But it does make it heavier, especially with two 180g discs inside, and likewise makes shipping the LP more expensive! A set weighs in at 850g without packaging.

Ray Of Light BLue Vinyl & Like A Virgin Clear EU-SOLD

After the initial UK release, a further 2000-3000 units of Ray Of Light blue vinyl and the Like A Virgin clear vinyl reissue LPs were made available (early 2018) for sale outside of the UK in countries such as Australia, France, Germany, etc. These did not carry any form of sticker denoting the colour of the vinyl and infact the only way to distinguish sealed copies as coloured vinyl was by the catalogue number sticker on the rear sleeve. FNAC in France did however add a generic FNAC Exclusive sticker to the pressings sold by them.

All four previous Sainsbury's releases have now been deleted by Warners so no more will be manufactured in theory and once the EU supplies have gone there will most likely be no more pressed. This is certainly the case for True Blue and Like A Prayer!


I must say a BIG thank you to Rob Denword for your help with images and for being a great mate!!

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Madonna USA 2016 & 2017 Reissue Vinyl LP's at

Madonna USA 2016 & 2017 Reissue Vinyl LP's

2016 Summer, Autumn and Winter saw the USA reissue ten past Madonna albums on vinyl LP format. 2017 saw 2 more including a limited edition coloured vinyl LP reissue for Immaculate Collection and a pink vinyl LTD for Confessions On A Dance Floor!. While so far, 2018 has seen a USA reissue of Madonna's 1987 LP You Can Dance on LTD Red Vinyl, issued as part of Record Store Day 2018.

Of the ten 2016 re-released LPs, Ray Of Light, Something To Remember, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Music and American Life albums have never been sold commercially on vinyl before in the USA (and North America)! A real bonus for American fans and collectors alike. Which has not only meant that these six LPs are finally available commercially and easily acquired, but also also that vinyl lovers can enjoy crackle-free Madonna LPs again!

Eleven of the twelve (2016 & 2017) USA reissue LP’s are made from super-thick 180 gram vinyl so are not only incredibly tactile but also tough and should have superior sound quality; the final 2017 LP reissue, Confessions On A Dance Floor, was the only one that doesn't advertise the 180 GRAM vinyl. It's unlikely that the vinyl has come from recycled sources, which would make them virgin-vinyl pressings adding to the quality of the music when played on a half decent record deck, although I have yet to verify this!

The USA reissues are easily identifiable by the super thick 180g vinyl as previously mentioned but also by super cool square 'hype' sticker stuck to the front shrink-wrap, as well as brand new 'updated' catalogue numbers. There is certainly no way of mixing the reissues up with the original LP’s where both exist!

The USA reissued all carry a unique "R1" catalogue number on a sticker, stuck to the front cover and printed on the LP spine, making these different from the very similar looking EU reissue LPs; the USA R1 catalogue number is also printed on the labels which confusingly state EU manufacture because these were not made in the USA. The barcode numbers are however the same as those sold in the EU, although generally the EU-sold pressings came without the sticker. The "R1" prefix catalogue number matches the last five digits of the original catalogue number used for each album when released the first time around. Unlike the labels, the rear sleeves do not show any form of country of origin.

Something To Remember was the first to appear early 2016, followed by six consecutive albums released mostly in the summer months including: Madonna, Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer, Erotica and Bedtime Stories; Ray Of Light followed in October 2016 which finally gave the USA their awaited LP pressing which was the same for December 6th joint release of Music and American Life LPs. 24th January 2017 saw the USA re-release of The Immaculate Collection on vinyl although this is a rather special edition because it has been pressed on "Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl" and according to official sources it is limited to just 6,500 copies worldwide!!. Unlike all the other USA Madonna LP re-releases, this was actually pressed by Rhino Records and is part of their January "Start Your Ear Off Right" campaign. Interestingly this pressing was "Manufactured in the Netherlands" (as the label states) despite being made for sale only in the USA and Canada. (Thank You Justin Garnet for allowing me to annoy you all day on the 24th January regarding the manufacture of the USA reissues!) Finally, for now anyway, Confessions On A Dance Floor LP was re-release on 31st January 2017 and once again came with pink vinyl discs just like the original limited edition LP from 2005 although the 2017 re-release LP isn't numbered!

The six aforementioned 'consecutive summer released' LPs used a long catalogue number system that ended in two digits from "60" (97360) for Madonna down to "54" (97354) for Bedtime Stories. Incidentally this was also the same for the EU reissues for 2012 and 2016. Interestingly there was never a "55" used in the end for a reissued Madonna LP.

Thought I would also mention that the Ray Of Light reissue LP didn't follow suite as far as the long catalogue number is concerned which may have been because of the delay in this album being released and the fact that many more albums were being pressed by other artists at that time so the catalogue number may have been taken.

Autumn 2016 also saw the repressing of the 1987 various artist charity album A Very Special Christmas which features Madonna singing Santa Baby. The American store FYE exclusively released this on white vinyl making it quite a collectable item for Madonna fans along with fans of any of the other artists featured on it.

Who’s That Girl 2012 Reissue LP Sound Track?

The Madonna, Who’s That Girl, sound track LP appears to have been reissued in 2012 in the USA and the rear sleeve barcode clearly displays the original catalogue number: 0 7599 25611 1. I would assume this has to be a repressing due to the quantities available on the market and the fact that they are sold factory sealed and in mint new condition. However it is unusual for the repressing to carry the original Warner catalogue number; usually a new longer catalogue number is created for all Madonna reissue LPs and printed on the artwork, spine, barcode and labels.

    Complete List of 2012 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • Who's That Girl (0 7599 25611 1)
    Complete List of 2016 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • Something To Remember (81227 96396)
  • Madonna (81227 97360)
  • Like A Virgin (81227 97359)
  • True Blue (81227 97358)
  • Like A Prayer (81227 97357)
  • Erotica (81227 97356)
  • Bedtime Stories (81227 97354)
  • Ray Of Light (0 81227 94335 6)
  • A Very Special Christmas FYE White Vinyl (B0025215-016)
  • Music (0 81227 94225 0)
  • American Life (0 81227 94226 7)
    Complete List of 2017 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • The Immaculate Collection Coloured Vinyl (0 8122794118 5)
  • Confessions On A Dance Floor (0 81227 94201 4)
    Complete List of 2018 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • EU for USA You Can Dance Red Vinyl (RSD 2018)
  • EU for USA Like A Virgin White Vinyl with extra 80's hype sticker
  • EU for USA The Immaculate Collection Barnes & Nobel Exclusive with hype sticker
  • EU for USA Who's That Girl with extra 80's hype sticker

Album by Album - Complete Discography & Pictures of all USA Madonna 2016/2017 Reissue LP Vinyl

180 GRAM VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1983 DEBUT ALBUM" & reference to Holiday, Borderline and Lucky Star.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: RI 23867.
Barcode: 81227 97360

Like A Virgin
180 GRAM VINYL with blue square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1984 ALBUM" & reference to Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Dress You Up.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25157.
Barcode: 81227 97359

True blue
180 GRAM VINYL w/ COLOR POSTER with silver square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1986 ALBUM" & reference to Live To Tell, Papa Don’t Preach and Open Your Heart.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25442.
Barcode: 81227 97358
(This is set to become sought after purely because of the inclusion of the poster. )

Like A Prayer
180 GRAM VINYL with gold square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1989 ALBUM" & reference to Like A Prayer, Express Yourself and Cherish.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25844.
Barcode: 81227 97357.
The original LP was always a quite sought after pressing because of the low numbers pressed in the USA so this reissue has finally made the Like A Prayer LP easily accessible!

The Immaculate Collection
2-LP BLUE/GOLD COLORED VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1990 ALBUM OF GREATEST HITS" & reference to Vogue, Justify My Love and Rescue Me.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 26440.
Labels show 26440-1 catalogue number.
Barcode: 0 ??? 0
Released by Rhino Records and limited to 6,500 pressings worldwide. (Manufactured in the Netherlands)

2 LP 180 GRAM VINYL with black square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1992 ALBUM" & reference to Erotica, Deeper & deeper and Rain.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 45031.
Barcode: 81227 97356
There was never a commercial LP release for Erotica in the USA, so the promo LP was the only way to play the album on a record deck until the 2016 release of the LP. Interestingly the 2016 reissue LP does not include the Explicit warning despite including the Did You Do It track.

Bedtime Stories
180 GRAM VINYL with pale-green square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1994 ALBUM" & reference to Secret, Take A Bow and Bedtime Story.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 45767.
Barcode: 81227 97354
The original LP was always a very sought after pressing because it was only available as an individually numbered pink vinyl double LP promo, with no commercial LP pressed which meant prices for this are around the £300 figure to play the LP. So the 2016 reissue has finally made the Bedtime Stories LP easily accessible!

Ray Of Light
2-LP 180 GRAM VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1998 ALBUM" & reference to Frozen, Ray Of Light and Drowned World (Substitute For Love).
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 46847.
Barcode: 0 81227 94335 6
Never released on vinyl in 1998 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!
Interestingly this pressing was manufactured from the same master-disc as originally used for the 2003 German repressing of the album on 180g vinyl by Rhino Records!

Something To Remember
180 GRAM VINYL with gold square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1995 ALBUM OF BALLADS" & reference to I Want You, You'll See and Something To Remember.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 46100.
Barcode: 81227 96396.
Never released on vinyl in 1995? so this is also a first for the LP!

180 GRAM VINYL with yellow square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2000 ALBUM" & reference to Music, Don't Tell Me and What It Feels Like For A Girl.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 47865.
Barcode: 0 81227 94225 0
Never released on vinyl in 2000 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!

American Life
2-LP 180 GRAM VINYL with blue square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2003 ALBUM" & reference to American Life, Hollywood and Die Another Day.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 48439.
Barcode: 0 81227 94226 7
Never released on vinyl in 2003 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!

Confessions On A Dance Floor
2-LP LIMITED PINK VINYL with pink square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2005 ALBUM" & reference to Hung Up, Sorry and Get Together
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 49460.
Barcode: 0 81227 94201 4
No reference to 180 GRAM vinyl on the sticker? May just be that there was no room to show this!

A Very Special Christmas FYE Exclusive! LIMITED EDTION WHITE VINYL
This has been reissued in the USA only on limited edition white vinyl and appears to be available exclusively through one store only called FYE. The original was issued as a charity album in Christmas 1987 and featured Madonna singing Santa Baby.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: B0025215-01.
Barcode: 6 02547 96164 8.

Thanks to Richard Glupker for help with pictures of the USA vinyl. Thanks to Justin Garnet for your Music and Life sticker pictures and spine and label picture also and Chris Ciccone for the montage of ten covers and Will Gibson for your COADF picsture. Thanks to Javier Rojas for the early pictures of TIC and your great post in Madonna Vinyl Collectors Group on Facebook. Feel free to tell me if I have missed anything important

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