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I will try and list as many of the latest Madonna collectables to surface around the world as they appear or I hear about them. Likewise if I come across anything that is new to me I will mention that here also. Remember to check out the Madonna Shop & Latest Items and why not Join the Mailing List and find out first!

Latest Madonna Collectables to Surface Worldwide

Madonna: Bits N' Bobs: Rare Broadcast Performances 1984-1995 Black Vinyl & White Vinyl LP at

Madonna: Bits N' Bobs: Rare Broadcast Performances 1984-1995 Black Vinyl & White Vinyl LP

Madonna Bits N' Bobs is a 15 track double vinyl LP pressed by Parachute and is due out on the 24 November 2017 (although some online stores are advertising a January 12th 2018 release). This is set to be pressed in both black and white vinyl! Although it’s still not clear when the white vinyl will be released. (Barcode: 803343159516)

Bits N' Bobs features fifteenTV broadcast live recordings from the mid-80's to mid-90's. Although it does appear to be a combination of two now classic 'bootlegs' from the 80's and 90's: "Step To The Beat" and "Bad Girl (Rare Radio Broadcasts)". (Thanks to Tezzy for pointing that out!)

    Madonna Bits N' Bobs LP Track Listing:
  • Like a Virgin 3:39
  • Holiday 6:08
  • Into the Groove 5:16
  • Love Makes the World Go Round 6:23
  • Causing a Commotion 5:46
  • Express Yourself 6:03
  • Sooner Or Later 5:33
  • Fever 5:21
  • Bad Girl 6:05
  • Fever 5:12
  • The Lady Is a Tramp (With Anthony Kiedis) 3:10
  • Bye Bye Baby 4:13
  • Take a Bow (With Babyface) 4:44
  • Lucky Star 4:35
  • La Isla Bonita 5:50

Reissuing of previous classic Madonna 'bootlegs' may be something that we see a lot more of over the next couple of years!

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Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered B&M LP UK-Only Vinyl Release Factory Sealed at

Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered B&M LP UK-Only Vinyl Release Factory Sealed

Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered LP seems to be a UK-only release on vinyl and seems only to have been sold in limited quantities at B&M discount stores from beginning of November (2017). Comes with catalogue number: KXLP 20 and the barcode number is: 5 054061 241358. These come with B&B price sticker stuck to the outside of the shrink-wrapping.

Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered LP comes factory sealed and features full Madonna picture sleeve and funky rear sleeve and is manufactured from fairly thin card so easily damaged! Interestingly the sleeve includes reference to Intempo (Making Music Cool) on the cover and also has a UK post code printed on the rear sleeve and reference to being imported. As Ruth Gregory cleverly pointed out to me, Intempo appears to be used throughout B&M discount stores for various products so its likely these LPs were indeed solely manufactured for sale in these stores only!


    Madonna The Girlie Show Remastered LP Includes 8 live tracks taken from the Girlie Show Tour. 4 on each side:
  • Vogue [Live] [Explicit]
  • Holiday [Live] [Explicit]
  • Fever [Live] [Explicit]
  • Deeper and Deeper [Live] [Explicit]
  • Justify My Love [Live] [Explicit]
  • La Isla Bonita [Live] [Explicit]
  • Express Yourself [Live] [Explicit]
  • Erotica [Live] [Explicit]

There is also a CD version of this title and I have yet to confirm whether this is also licensed solely for sale in B&M stores here in the UK?

I must say a BIG thank you to Lee Airstone for the label images.

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Madonna USA The Immaculate Collection LP Album with Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl Discs at

Madonna USA The Immaculate Collection LP Album with Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl Discs

The world of collectable Madonna vinyl went into overdrive on the 24th of January 2017 when Rhino Records, a subsidiarily of Warner Bros., included Madonna's The Immaculate Collection LP vinyl as part of their yearly January "Start Your Ear Off Right" campaign. To celebrate even further the album they commissioned was a very special and totally unique limited edition double LP edition with "Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl" discs. Has USA-only catalogue number: "R1 26440", and "0 8122794118 5" barcode and long catalogue number

The Immaculate Collection double LP vinyl re-release was only made available to USA and Canadian stores, although the majority of pressings seemed to go to the USA. Some were apparently sold through although it does seem that many orders have yet to be fulfilled due to quantity issues, so it's possible that only a small number were made available for UK sale. The Immaculate Collection re-release was limited to just 6,500 copies worldwide which may account for the fact that within 24hrs most outlets had sold out completely.

Interestingly, despite being a USA and Canadian release, these were in fact pressed in The Netherlands in Europe and then shipped to North America. This is evident on the labels, which clearly state Manufactured in the Netherlands. To my knowledge this is the first time a re-release LP has been made in Holland, rather than the Czech Republic or Germany!

Each copy of The Immaculate Collection LP comes shrink-wrapped with square red hype sticker: "MADONNA'S 1990 ALBUM OF GREATEST HITS" referencing the hit singles of Vogue, Justify My Love and Rescue Me; this is stuck to the top right of the sleeve while a Rhino sticker is stuck below it towards the bottom. Removal of the wrapper allows you to open the gatefold sleeve to reveal the artwork taken from the original 1990 album. The excitement comes from taking out each disc from the sleeve. Both discs are housed in a plain white dust jacket/sleeve although the two picture jackets are included and are also remakes of the originals. Taking disc one out of it's sleeve reveals a superb blue/white marble vinyl with yellow Sire labels. Disc two is an equally unique gold coloured vinyl.

As mentioned previously, these were manufactured in The Netherlands which is stated on the labels; the labels also give reference to "26440-1" catalogue number rather than: "R1 26440", which is usually how the reissues are identified. The R1 catalogue number does however appear on the sticker as normally the case for the USA Madonna re-releases.

Photographs of The Immaculate Collection USA Rhino Records 2017 Re-release LP Vinyl

Thanks to Guillaume Maxime Dubois‎ for your lovely pictures of the USA vinyl and also to Rufino Mata for your great picture of the two discs together. If you are hooked on Madonna Vinyl in any way make sure you check out the Madonna Vinyl Collectors Group on Facebook. Likewise, feel free to tell me if I have missed anything important.

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